Renewable Solution Team’s 7 tips for a warmer home Part 2

Did you read Part on of our blog post “RST’s 7 tips for a warmer home?” If not check it out here.

Here are the final warmer home tips for you to read below.

As well as the cold snap setting in, we also have the cost of Christmas and New Year holiday period to contend with, meaning that the benefits of warming our homes in a cost-effective way could not be greater.

Read on for the final 3 tips to ensure that your home is warm, and your bills are low this winter!

room in roof

Our final 3 Warmer Home tips:

  1. Insulate your hot water cylinder

Even If your hot water cylinder already has insulation, it is worth checking the thickness of this – Insulation blow 25mm thick could benefit from an upgrade.

 The Cost: An 80mm hot water cylinder jacket costs around £16.

The Saving: Upgrading your hot water cylinder insulation from 25mm to a 80mm jacket could save you around£20 a year, meaning that if will have paid for itself in the first year alone.

  1. Top-up your loft insulation

As with hot water cylinder insulation, your home may already have some form of insulation installed, but is it enough? The recommended depth is 270mm.

The Cost: Topping up your loft insulation from 120mm to 270mm could cost around £240.

The Saving: An increase in insulation depth from 120mm to 270mm will help stop warmth escaping through the roof and could save around £12 a year.

If your loft has been converted to a room-in-roof, then you may qualify for even more finding on the ECO scheme, as the government is looking to reduce home efficiency across the county as best that they can.

Find out how much funding you qualify for today:

  1. Insulate your floors

The final of the three measures that RST can obtain funding for through ECO, under-floor insulation involves installing wool insulation below your floor if you have suspended flooring in place (i.e. floorboards with a crawl space, not solid concrete flooring)

The Cost: As a DIY job, materials to carry out underfloor insulation will come to around £100, with a professional job costing around£1000. But as mentioned above, RST may have the answer, with under-floor insulation one of the measures that funding is available toward. Find out if you qualify for funding: Click to apply for funding here

The Saving: Effective underfloor insulation could save up to around £40 a year on energy bills.