ECO 3 Scheme

Through the Government’s Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme, you could get a grant to cover or contribute towards the cost of your home efficiency improvements and potentially save in energy bills.

ECO was launched in 2013 to help make energy saving measures, such as heating and insulation, affordable for households. All major Energy Company in the UK has been obligated to provide funding for installations that cut carbon emissions, reduce the carbon footprint  and reduce the consumer energy bills.

RST Boiler is in partnership with Energy Companies and has access to this ECO funding. Currently to qualify for access to this funding, the homeowner needs to be in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits in order to access the funding and should have a boiler in excess of 6 years. To find out if you qualify, apply today and our smart form will instantly tell you.

ECO 3 Scheme for you family

Are you eligible?

RST Boilers works directly with major Energy Companies and has contracts in place to draw down ECO funding for eligible and qualified customers. We can check to see if you qualify for any support by filling in an online application form. Depending on your circumstances, your property and the energy saving measures you choose, we may find that we can access a grant to cover the majority of the cost of the work. Get in touch to find out what ECO funding we currently have available.