HIVE heating controls now available with ECO3 funding

We are so excited to finally announce that we can now offer Hive Heating Controls as part of your ECO3 funding package. This means that you can now save an extra £120 a year on your energy bills. The Hive controls offer you much more control over your heating and spend. You are able to control your heating from your smartphone or for those of you that have one, from your Alexa.

‍Get the temperature at home just right from wherever you are with the UK’s favourite smart thermostat.


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A warm welcome home every time

The award-winning Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your smartphone.

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Installation you can trust

All of our Installers are Gas Safe registered.

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Works with what you’ve got

Hive Active Heating works with your existing boiler and energy supplier – there’s no need to switch your service.

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Adjust your heating hands-free

Hive works with Alexa and Google Assistant. So if like me you like to lie in bed with the heating on but don’t want it on all night you can ask Alexa to turn the heating off for you when you are toasty enough.

“Alexa, tell Hive to turn the heating off”.

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Get your devices working together

Hive Actions are clever little ways to connect your devices together. So with just a tap on the app, you can turn your heating on when the sun sets each day. Choose between many popular pre-sets or create your own.

Want to know how to claim your funding?

It’s really easy to apply, just follow the link below and apply online. Funding available to UK Homeowners who meet the qualifying criteria.

Reasons to install Hive Heating Controls in your house:

  • Smart heating: Save energy by only using your thermostat when you need it

  • Mobile control: Manage heating and hot water schedules easily from your smartphone
  • Save more: You could save up to £120 a year by not having to heat an empty home

  • Compatible: Works with most heating systems and your existing energy supplier