Build your smart home with Hive. Here at Renewable Solutions Team , we are all about giving you peace of mind, connecting your home and helping you find more time to do the things you love.

We are currently offering a FREE Hive Thermostat with every successful application that goes to survey.

Take a look at the wide range of Hive Products from the Hive Light Bulb to the Hive Active Plug, something to suit every smart home requirement.

Smart home Hive products ensure mobility and control from anywhere in the world through the interaction mobile app.

hive lightbulb for smart home

Hive Light bulb

Get the lighting just right from wherever you are. Save energy, save money
hive heating control for smart home

Hive Heating Control

Get the temperature at home just right from wherever you are.
hive door sensor for smart home

Hive Door Sensor

Relax. Our Window or Door Sensor lets you know everything’s okay back home
hive smart home camera

Hive View Camera

Look after your home and your family with our wireless smart indoor camera. An extra layer of security inside your home to protect your property.
smart home products

What is a smart home

A smart home is a home equipped with automated smart devices that can be controlled remotely through a computer or smart phone.
hive active plug for smart homes

Hive Active Plug

Turn things on or off from anywhere. Get your lamps, kettle or TV switched on before you even get home, or check you’ve turned the iron off after you’ve left.

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